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Le Petit Chateau Otterburn Wedding - Jack & Sam - 26/06/19

Marco was very professional and always put a lot of effort into his work to get the most out of every picture. He had a really good connection with our guests who were all appreciative of his work. He is very well mannered and extremely patient too. [...] We are very happy with all the stunningly amazing pictures we have from our special day.

Highly recommended!
— Sam Carter-Zechmann

Northumberland is one of those county’s on our own doorstep that rivals the likes of Tuscany for sheer beauty and picturesque vistas. Within Northumberland is the small village of Otterburn, this quiet village lays host to one of the most unassuming venues I’ve worked at.

If you’re not paying attention as you drive up to your destination you understandably drive straight past Le Petit Chateau wedding venue (as I did on my first visit). But don’t let its appearances deceive you, the simple, quaint allure of its French-esque facade lays host to some of the richest, most inspiring interiors and gardens I’ve seen at any north east wedding venue. Its humble stature lays way to a grand and beautiful interior, all perfectly presented and carefully tended to by an awesome team.

Anyway, I could go on and on about the grandeur of Le Petit Chateau, but this day was all about two people, Jack and Sam, and their wedding at this breathtaking venue. Two of the coolest guys I’ve had the pleasure of spending a day with, Jack and Sam had flown over from Austria with an entourage of friends and family, to join up with Jack’s family and friends in the North East so they could all celebrate and spend the day together as the two families were united. 

What’s funny is this, I hadn’t met Jack or Sam until one coincidental afternoon in the Metrocentre. I was there a few days before their wedding and they just happened to walk past and recognised me from my website. How cool!

Back to Jack & Sam.. Honestly, they are two of the kindest and friendliest young men I’ve ever met, nothing was ever to much for them and they spent most of their time making sure the day was as perfect for everyone else (including myself) as it was for them. 

We all enjoyed the most amazing of wedding days at Le Petit Chateau, with a wonderful, humanist ceremony followed by a day outdoors enjoying the amazing weather. Just perfect!

Having the opportunity to be a Le Petit Chateau wedding photographer was a real privilege and I thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of it. A huge thank you to the guys, their family and all their friends who were just the best.

Here are a few of my favourite images from Jack & Sam’s Le Petit Chateau wedding..

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By North East Wedding Photographer Marco Damian

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