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Wynyard Hall Billingham Wedding - Iain & Heather - 27/04/19

I just want to take this time to thank you for your work. Iain and I laughed and had so much fun with you. I don’t know if I ever told you but after our first meeting Iain said “Heather if you don’t want Marco as our photographer can we invite him as a guest?
— Heather Moore

I thought I would start this with an awesome email I received after Iain and Heather’s Wynyard Hall wedding. Thank you guys, for such an amazing day and wonderful message. I think Heather’s words encapsulate the vibes of their wedding, so friendly, so relaxed, energised and filled by laughter all day long. 

When Iain and Heather first invited me to their lovely home long before their wedding, we got on like a house on fire, I remember leaving and hoping to hear from them again just to spend some more time with them. So it was a real pleasure when I booked then in and began counting down the months to their fantastic wedding.

Wynyard Hall is such an incredible place, surrounded by acres and acres of beautiful landscaping as well as a selection of Classical Greek and Roman ruins, the perfect setting and without a doubt one of the grandest wedding venues in the North East. I spent my arrival soaking it all up and picking out the best locations for my shoots later. We were due some rain that day so I had to ensure I had indoor and outdoor plans which is normal procedure when the forecast isn’t the best.

When I got to the bridal suite It was all systems go. Heather and her entourage were in full swing and ready to grab the day with both hands. The atmosphere was electric as everyone was getting ready, I always love to see this as it makes for some great photos. Shortly thereafter is when I had young Elliott who became my fantastic assistant with his own cool little camera.

The tone for the day had been set, seeing Heather and Iain once again was a real joy and we had a day filled to the rim with laughter, high spirits, cool stories and exciting photography. Their guests were all just as friendly and outgoing and after all was said and done, I left them all feeling so privileged to have been part of their day and to have such an amazing job. Thank you both so much for your warmth and kindness throughout your amazing wedding, it was such a pleasure and a real buzz being part of your day. 

Here are a few of my favourite images from Iain & Heather’s Wynyard Hall wedding..

By North East Wedding Photographer Marco Damian

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