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Newcastle and North East Wedding Photographer Marco Damian booking form.

Booking Form

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Marco Damian Photography. Newcastle and North East Wedding Photography Booking Form

Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. To confirm your dates and secure my services please fill out the booking form below. In addition to the form, a booking fee of £200 is required to secure the date. This payment can be made by clicking the BOOKING FEE PAYMENT button below, 

Other payment methods include bank transfer Sort Code: 30-98-34 - Account Number: 10159468. Cheques are to be made payable to Marco Damian D'Andrea only.  

Please note
I am unable to hold a date provisionally, therefore all dates are considered available until such time as a booking form and the required fee has been received and confirmed. After your submitted form and payment have been received you will be issued with confirmation of booking and a payment receipt.

If you wish to pay in full immediately you can do so via any of the payment methods provided.


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1. Deposit  
A booking fee of £200 is required to secure the photographer for a particular time and date. The Booking Fee is non-refundable regardless of circumstance. It is not transferable to apply to another event. Payments may be made by clicking the BOOKING FEE PAYMENT button above. Alternatives include cash, bank transfer (Sort Code: 30-98-34 - Account Number: 10159468). Cheques are to be made payable to Marco Damian D'Andrea only, PayPal to, Barclays Pingit or any alternative mobile payment systems to 07553573962.  

2. Payment  
Following payment of the Booking Fee the remaining balance is due to be paid 4 weeks before your wedding date or any time before that. Payments may be made by clicking the BOOKING FEE PAYMENT button above. Alternatives include cash, bank transfer (Sort Code: 30-98-34 - Account Number: 10159468). Cheques are to be made payable to Marco Damian D'Andrea only, PayPal to, Barclays Pingit or any alternative mobile payment systems to 07553573962.  All prices are fully inclusive of VAT (if applicable) and are fixed at the time of booking.

3. Display  
The Client allows the Photographer/s the use of any image/s taken for promoting their services e.g., on their website, in social media display (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), wedding exhibitions, competitions, advertising. 

4. Miscellaneous  
Due to the fluid nature of this kind of event, the Photographer cannot guarantee the capture of certain types of images. Events outside the Photographers’/s control, such as weather, willingness of the subject/s, late arrival of subjects, missing persons, short time-lines, venue restrictions, guest interference, registrar/vicar restrictions, intoxicated individuals, etc, may preclude the creation of such images. 

5. Matters Beyond the Parties’ Control  
This contract is subject to alteration or cancellation by either party owing to any cause beyond their reasonable control.

5.1 In the unlikely event should illness, unforeseen incident, or any other reason prevent Marco Damian from attending; every attempt will be made to supply you with a suitable replacement photographer. Should we be unable to find a replacement or should you wish to find your own replacement, we will repay in full all fees that have been paid (only). We will not be liable for the charges or the performance of the replacement photographer. 

5.2 If circumstances beyond control prevent Marco Damian from attending, Marco Damian will not be held liable for failure to provide a photographic record. It is recommended that you take out wedding insurance.

6. Limitation of Liability
Neither party shall be liable to the other for any losses that the other suffers as a result of the breach of the contract unless those losses are a foreseeable consequence of the breach.

7. Cancellation
The Client may cancel the contract at any time after it has been signed by sending a written notice to the Photographer.

7.1 If the Client notifies the Photographer that they wish to cancel the contract then the amount that the Photographer shall be entitled to shall be calculated in accordance with the table below (detailing the amount the Photographer is entitled to): 0-7 days, 100% - 8-14 days, 95% - 15-30 days, 90% - 31-60 days, 80% - 61-120 days, 50% - more than 121 days, 0%.

7.2 In the event of a cancellation of this contract all Booking Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. In the event of a date change, the Photographer will alter the contract to this date if that date is available.

7.3 In the event of a cancellation after the wedding, all fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

8. Digital Files and Copyright
Digital Files remain the property of the Photographer, even if the client purchases copies of them.

8.1 For the avoidance of doubt, all copyright in the images are owned absolutely by the Photographer within the provision of the Copyright, design and Patents Act 1988. You have the photographer’s permission to print.

8.2 The digital images that you will receive refers to high resolution edited images, and not all the raw files taken.

9. Travel Expenses
All prices are valid for locations within a 40 mile radius of the ceremony location stated on the booking form. Travel expenses occur thereafter for the photographer(s).

10. Catering
The Client is not required to provide a meal for the Photographer/s.

11. Responsibility
It is the responsibility of the Client to notify the Photographer/s of any change in circumstances which may affect the wedding photography.

12. Image Use by a Third Party
If any of your suppliers wish to have any of your images, permission must first be sought from Marco Damian Photography as copyright is retained herewith. 

13. Delivery of the Wedding Book (if applicable)
Once Folio Albums receive the wedding book pages, it is estimated that production time will be 4-6 weeks. Charges from the courier will apply to those who wish their Wedding Book to be delivered outside of the UK.

14. Image Processing
Please allow approximately 1 – 3 weeks for the Photographer to digitally process the images.

15. Professional Photographers
It is a condition of booking that Marco Damian is the only professional photographer working at the wedding and that no other vendor including the videographer is allowed to take photographs. If a situation arises where this is not the case, Marco Damian reserves the right to cease photography and all monies paid will be non-refundable.

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