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I'm Marco, Your Newcastle and North East Wedding Photographer

It’s lovely to meet you! Thank you very much for passing through my little space on the internet. Please take your time browsing my website to familiarise yourself with my work and what you can expect from me as a Newcastle and North-East wedding photographer. 

I Love My Job

I REALLY love my job. You’re right in thinking it’s a bit of a cliché to say that but I honestly do, I love running my own business, playing with cool gadgets, tinkering with light and shadow, as well as taking cool pictures.

I’m grateful and lucky to have experienced a few things in life, from my time as a Royal Marines Commando, to my ongoing love affair with the outdoors, to travelling the world, living on a tropical island and being a designer. However, none of these have given me as much fulfilment and happiness as being a photographer does. I’m now in a place where I can honestly say, life is good. 

I consider myself very lucky to be making a living doing what I love. It took me a while but upon reflection, I’ve always been drawn to creative story telling and I’ve always had a camera within arms reach. When I hung up my creative cap to join the Royal Marines, I never imagined I would put it back on with a camera in hand, the world really does work in mysterious ways.

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Personal Life

My full name is Marco Damian D’Andrea and I’m originally from Birmingham. My father was born in a town called Picinisco, Italy, and my beautiful mother was born in Sunderland.

My family relocated to Sunderland when I was a tiny nine year old. My creative curiosity later began to stir while I was at comprehensive school, a time when my only real concern was scoring a goal at lunch time and trying to smuggle chips out of the canteen. I later went on to study graphic design and eventually gained my degree at Coventry University before working at a design studio in Birmingham.

Strong, black, Lavazza coffee. The day doesn’t feel complete without it. Trying to think of my favourite movie is a tricky one.. Gladiator, Spirited Away and Good Will Hunting are all contenders.

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This is my late father’s home town of Picinisco. A place I retreat to when I want to relax and drink coffee at midnight.

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I had some of the best times of my life serving in the marines, gaining valuable life experience and making friends for life.

I served for six and a half years as a Royal Marine. It was a hugely rewarding challenge and way of life. My service didn’t involve any active combat deployments, long may this era of relative peace and stability continue. Serving as a Royal Marine involved applying myself with the highest level of professionalism. Communication, teamwork, personal and situational awareness, innovative and creative thinking, flexibility, leadership, decision making and stress tolerance are just a few skills developed during my service.

How can I apply this training to my new life as a north east wedding photographer? I’m glad you’ve asked.. If you see a shapely figure crawling through the trees and shrubbery at your wedding, don't be alarmed, It's more than likely me looking for that perfect photo :)

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Mountaineering, running, camping, getting back to basics and generally being outdoors are big hobbies of mine.

Marco Treasure Island

Survived Treasure Island with Bear Grylls 2019

Travelling is my favourite.

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Spending time with people on one of the most important days of their lives is a real honour, It’s also a privilege to be entrusted with a day so important to two people. I take this very seriously and commit to each and every wedding with a very personal touch. My number one job is to ensure that I capture and deliver the best collection of photographic memories I possibly can. 

I take my inspiration from people, the environment around me and whatever situation I find myself in. My style is unique to me, developed through a love of photojournalism, technology and contemporary design. This combination gives me a modern and methodical approach to image making.

That’s about enough on me for now. If you’d like me as your creative companion on your wedding day, please do get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you soon :)